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SalesmanCAPITAL is an investment-based cooperative with bias in distribution of fast moving essential commodities through the machinery of Multi Level Marketing. 

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Salesman Stores/ Salesman Capital

What are the goals of Salesman Capital?


Our goal is to reinvent the old concept of network marketing with emphases on direct selling, team work and power of duplication. Abuse of this concept is the single largest reason why people rather than reap the reward of this unbeatable business, lose their money, backed out and tagthe business scam.

What are the Concepts of Salesman Capital?

SalesmanCAPITAL is conceptualised to eliminate the complexities, huddles, and even ruse that people frustrated out of the
lucrative business of Multi Level Marketing.

What is the Goal of the Salesman Capital Business Model?

Our business model is designed to provide career opportunity and financial independence.

What is the Business Model for Salesman Capital?

Our well conceived model is such that  overpriced product resulting in selling frustrations is completed eliminated. Our chosen products line is both affordable and in high demand. It is our utmost believe that a company can only survive based on the volume of products and services sold. That is why our emphases is on product distribution through a network of skilled marketing

About Salesman Capital Training Programme

SalesmanCAPITAL training program is second to none. Experience have revealed that a lot of anxious people get frustrated and dump network
marketing within a very short span of their entry.

The reason is that they enter into the business uninformed, unprepared
and untrained on what to expect and the skill set needed to
combat them.


The Idealogy of Salesman Capital

SalesmanCAPITAL is founded on the philosophy of
trust ,sincerity and success through correct knowledge.

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Our Team

Meet our Amazing Team of Financial Experts, Resulted-Oriented Enterpreneurs and Seasoned Professionals who put in enormous time amd effort to make Salesman Capital a delight to all our clients

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We offer Amazing shipping and delivery services to your doorstep .

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All our products are tested and come with a 30 days money back guaranteee .

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We give the Best Offers on all Kinds of products

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Our Payments channels are safe and are risk-free

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